Subject Groups


A perfect option for students looking to apply for medicine at university. We will go over medicinal chemistry, physiology, and more.


As we all know, technology isn't just the future, but it's also the present. To evolve as a continent and society, we need to weight tech more heavily. During the workshop we will go over artificial intelligence, circuits and chips and we will also look at the future of computing and how this will affect our society.

Engineering Physics

This subject group is perfect for students keen on studying engineering at university. We will be going over the physics of everyday materials and we'll also be looking at more theoretical areas in physics like quantum physics.


This is the subject group for the people who find maths to be an interesting field to explore. We'll be going slightly beyond your regular high school maths course but the only prerequisite knowledge you'll need to have is some simple algebraic skills. We'll be looking at proofs and applied maths.